- E-Commerce Market in Kazakhstan

Internet-acquiring in Kazakhstan

E-Commerce Market in Kazakhstan

According to the most recent figures there are 8.8 million Internet users in Kazakhstan, which is 53.4% of the total population. In 2010 this value was equal to 34.0% (strategic point of 20% was reached in Kazakhstan in the beginning of 2010).


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Diagram Showing Increase in Number of Internet Users in Kazakhstan




The red line shows the critical point for outburst in e-commerce (20% of population = 3.2 million users).

Forecast for E-Commerce Market

CNP Processing GmbH  conducted market research using official reports of the State Statistics Service and figures found in publicly available sources and received from market participants.
(1) we took e-commerce segments of the American market were taken, (2) segments which would not be active in Kazakhstan were omitted, (3) data of the State Statistics Service on such segments for 2years period were analyzed, (4)  forecasts for each segment for the period till 2015 were made.
Market analysis covers the next 5 years. Forecast shows that in 2015 e-commerce market will amount to $3.6 billion (or 4% of the whole goods and services market amounting to $89.9 billion).
The largest e-commerce segments will be payments for cellular communications, travelling (air and railway tickets, hotels, cars), electronic and household appliances, payments for utility services.